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About Us

Ren Handcraft founded in 2008 with a particular focus on wood products. We sell almost anything you can imagine in wood.

Based on faith in Craftsmen, commitment to community and value to our customer. Our Values are the roots of who we are. Our Vision is rooted in crafts values. Our Mission is our behavior based on our value and vision.

Provides exceptionally valued items for the kitchen, home, office, and child's playroom. Known for their functionality and beauty, each of our products is individually crafted from the finest quality materials.

Ren handcraft was created to offer people a huge range of gift for men, women, bosses, friends, brothers, sisters... well, you get the idea. Our team work hard to find ideas that will stop you from having to scratch your head over what to get someone for their birthday or other gift giving occasion.

Internet Gift Store is here to make your life easier when trying to find that elusive gift idea. So don’t forget, if you’re not entirely happy with your purchase, you can return. Happy shopping!